Abednego ” Beddy ” Mensah Interview

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1. 1. Who is your favourite footballer of all time and why?
– Makelele, essien and N’Golo kante because these players are willing to run, jump, tackle and put their body on the line and always happy know matter what happens
2. Why do you like playing for Coggeshall United?
– Because everyone is on the same page and that is winning for the team, club and for them self plus work hard for each other no matter what the result is at the end of the match

3. What has been your best moment of the season so far and why?

– Playing at Burnham Ramblers and at half time I was drying 🥶 because it was so cold 🥶 that I wanted to come off but at the same time I didn’t want to let my team but everyone could tell I can’t deal with this weather 🌧❄🌬☁ that was one of the coldest day I have ever played football ⚽ in
4.   What has been your worst moment of the season so far and why?
– Not being available for my team against big team like hashtag United, frenford and hackney wick
5. What has been your favourite game so far and why?
– Seeing my striker scoring goals and defenders keeping a clean sheet plus seening Blackwell and Fennell coming life with Danny Scott scoring goals too
6.  What has been your least favourite game and why?

– not being able to be there for hashtag game 😔

7. If you had to give yourself a mark out of 10 for the season, what would you give yourself and why?
5/10. Think I’ve performed well a consistent good 6/10 but I have missed games due to my little sister athletics

8. What do you think you could improve upon in your own game for next season?
– Passing, heading and touches etc
9. If you had to use one word to describe the team’s overall performance in the league this season, what would you say?
– Spartans because they have 1 thing on their mind and that is to win no matter what I take same a coggeshall United =(United)



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